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About Us
Our Mission Statement
      The Archangel Paranormal Society’s mission is to extensively investigate and document all types of “unexplained phenomena”, utilizing the most advanced equipment and methodologies.  We approach each client with respect and understanding from the initial interview to the completion of the investigation.
      The Archangel Paranormal Society prides itself on educating both our client and the community in regard to the paranormal.  A.P.S. believes by doing so, our clients and the public will better understand these strange events taking place and take away the fear factor, thus giving empowerment to the individuals involved.
Our Beliefs:
      As practicing Catholics, we are inspired by the four Archangels.  By practicing what these Archangels embody, we aim to be:
  • Spiritual Warriors – calling on Saint Michael as the defender of the good, protector and one to call upon for defense against evil.
  • Healers – calling on Saint Raphael to help heal people who are spiritually in need.
  • Revealers – calling on Saint Gabriel to give us strength to affirm spiritual presences when necessary.
  • – calling on Saint Uriel to help us give others the strength to cope with the paranormal.
Our Process
            At the Archangel Paranormal Society we realize the paranormal events taking place are scary and your need help in finding out what is taking place.  Getting that help is not that easy, nor is it easy to talk to someone about it.  We understand that and will respect your right to privacy and we are committed to bringing professionalism and confidentiality to every investigation.  A.P.S.’s goal is to alleviate your fears and help you as to what may be happening.  We will support you through it all and help you to feel safe in your situation.
            Once we receive a request for an investigation, our case manager will contact you to discuss your situation in detail.  We will answer all your questions as to the process and how we will help you.  Once we to investigate, we will do an initial walk-through of the property to make a note of the layout.  We will then setup a time for the investigation.
            We do our investigations of your property at night, usually between the hours of 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.  The number of members investigating a case will depend on the case and size of the property.  In an effort to capture paranormal activity, we use recording devices such as cameras, audio recorders, and video.
            After the investigation is complete, we will start to review the evidence collected.  This may take a few days depending on the amount of evidence collected.  Upon completion we will share our findings with you and make a decision based on the evidence if there is paranormal activity and if there is a haunting.  Any evidence caught on your property during an investigation will never be shared or published outside the organization without direct consent from the owner.  You are always more than welcome to copies of any evidence or data collected from your property.  Some cases may require multiple investigations.  The A.P.S. will always keep the lines of communication open should you to need help.
            Because we are a not-for-profit organization we offer our services .  Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated, but never required.  Any money received goes back into the organization to help cover the cost of batteries, fuel, and other equipment expenses.  If you do have a situation you would like to discuss please email us at

Meet the A.P.S. Team
           The Archangel Paranormal Society is very proud of our team members.  We come from different backgrounds and all walks of life.  Each member is vital to the success of our organization.  Since A.P.S. began in August of 2009 our team has developed into five team members, and still growing.
            We are very excited for we have a rock solid team of individuals who are dedicated both to the scientific aspect of the paranormal field and the “want to help” our clients mentality.  Most of us are here because we are searching for answers from our own paranormal experiences and encounters.  Each member brings something unique to the table and we truly feel that only adds to our ability to work together as a team.
Here are our members:

Tony comes from a large Catholic Italian family background.  His personal experience with the paranormal prompted him to start this group.  Tony has a bachelor degree in management and has 20 plus years as a district sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry.  He is married and has 6 children and 4 grandchildren.  Tony was a past auxiliary police officer in Warrensville Heights, Ohio and presently resides in Montville Township, Ohio. To follow Tony's blog go to 

Lynn is the wife of founder Tony Belsito.  Lynn was born in England and raised in Illinois.  They have been married for 16 years as of April 2010.  Lynn receives  all the formal requests for investigations.  Lynn is a Nursing Supervisor at a nursing home.  Lynn is also a reality show junkie.

Suzanne is the youngest daughter of Tony Belsito.  She brings a lot of technical expertise to the A.P.S. team.  She is the co-founder of Andrea Leigh Photography in Akron, Ohio, where she works as the business manager and assistant photographer.  She also brings over 10 years of customer service experience to the team.  Suzanne loves everything technical and electronic and is always up-to-date on the most cutting edge technology.  She resides in Akron, Ohio.  To contact Suzanne: or follow her at
Andrea Leigh: Research Department/Evidence Analysis/Photographer
Andrea is co-founder of Andrea Leigh Photography in Akron, Ohio where she is Lead Photographer and Photo Editor.  Andrea brings to the team a strong background in digital photography as well as detailed research.  Andrea is a big fan of reality shows and Google.

Michael is the son of Tony Belsito.  Michael graduated form Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Management.  He then went on to Case Weatherhead School of Management where he received his M.B.A.  He is married to Hannah and they reside in Lakewood, Ohio.  Michael works for a start-up company in Solon, Ohio.  He also is an inventor and co-founder of his own company.

I have had psychic abilities from an early age.  I am able to see and receive messages from spirits.  I am also involved in giving messages to loved ones, helping to cross over Earth Bounds and doing House Blessings to remove unwanted negative energies.

I am excited about this opportunity to join the team of APS.  I have known the Founder, Tony Belsito for 5 yrs.  I met him, while giving a special message from a loved one, who passed only weeks prior.

In joining with APS the mission at hand, consists of not just identifying the fact you have paranormal activity, but understanding the source and providing a resolution.  It's easy to say " You have paranormal activity and then leave without solving the problem."  At APS we will strive to come to an understanding of the spirits and issues involved, plus provide a resolution, so you may move towards restoring a normal life.

Dawn A Campbell