Archangel Paranormal Society - Paranormal Investigation Team
Membership Terms

  • All members must be 21 years of age or older and reside in Cuyahoga, Medina or Summit Counties.
  • You must be willing to attend meetings.
A.P.S.’s meetings are held every other month.  While it is not required that you attend every meeting, we request that you attend at least 3 meetings per year.
  • We also have membership dues in place.  Currently we are requiring a $45 enrollment fee. (This covers the cost of your 1st A.P.S. tee-shirt, your first set of business cards & your first discounted membership fee)  There will then be a $25 yearly membership fee due January 1st every year (or at the first meeting of every year.)
  • We also request that you are able to provide your own transportation.
In some circumstances there maybe carpooling available, but this is not always the case, which is why we ask that you are able to make your own arrangements for transportation.
  • You must have you own equipment.
There are some pieces of equipment that can be shared on certain investigations.  Eventually you will want to have your own arsenal of equipment.
  • We ask that you are open-minded and dedicated to seeking proof of the paranormal.
  • Each new member will go through a probation period for a total of six months, with at least three investigations (if you have not completed 3 investigations by the end of the 6 month period, your probation will continue till you have 3 investigations complete).  Through out this time, participation during investigations, monthly meetings, and all other group events is mandatory.  Assisting any and all departments that need help is also expected, we work as a team and we are here to make every investigation go smooth.
  • The founder, lead investigators and department managers will do reviews with any investigator in training. If upper management feels at any time that any investigator in training is not working out for any reason during the probation period, upper management has the right to dismiss the investigator in training from the team.
  • At the end of the 6-month probation period, or when you have completed 3 investigations, the investigator in training will become a full member of the A.P.S. team.

  • At this current time membership is not open, however if you are curious or would like more information on becoming an A.P.S. team member please email us at, or fill out the application below so we have it on file.

Investigation Rules

    • Members are not allowed to trespass on properties at any time.  We always receive proper permission before any investigation.
    • Members are not allowed to go on an A.P.S. sanctioned investigation site alone.
    • During investigations members will conduct themselves in a professional, respectful and positive upbeat manner at all times.
    • A.P.S. has a strict no drug or alcohol use policy when team members are on an investigation. 
    • Team members that are smokers must do so on designated break times during investigations.  They must also be off of the property of the location being investigated or in their car.
    • Team members are required to keep detailed notes including, but not limited to, time, date, weather, and any influencing factors that take place during on-site investigations.

Membership Application
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Email Address:
The Tech Manager will supply you with a new free gmail account upon approval of application to the A.P.S. team. We ask that you use the gmail account for uniformity as well as ease of communication. Gmail enables us to email, chat, video chat, and swap documents easily. It is completely free and easy to use. Do you agree?
Home Phone Number:
Alternative Phone Number
Best way to contact you (if by phone please state number):
Best time to contact you:
Date of Birth (you must be 21 years or older):
Emergency contact (Name, relation, address, phone {alternatives as well}, email):
Marital Status:
Do you have children:
If you have children, are you able to obtain a babysitter for 2-3 days or with minimal warning time in some cases?
Do you have a valid drivers license and insurance?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Are you willing to use your own vehicle to attend meetings and investigations (even if located in another state)?
Due to the nature of our business we do travel and some times we travel out of state. Will traveling out of state be an issue for you?
A.P.S. has a strict anti-drug / anti-alcohol policy. We are not tolerant of drugs at anytime and we will not allow an investigator to perform an investigation if they have been consuming alcohol. Do you agree to accept this policy?
I Do Agree
I Do Not Agree
Are you a tobacoo smoker?
If you are a smoker: A.P.S. strictly enforces a policy of not smoking on the property being investigated. If you must smoke during an investigation, we request that you do so on a personal break and off of the property being investigated or in your car. Do you agree to this policy?
Are you on any medications or have any medical conditions that we should be aware of (please list, and be advised that this will be kept confidential, and is only necessary in the event of an emergency.)?
How did you hear about us?
Currently all A.P.S. members are expected to be able to help research & investigate. Please let us know what part of the paranormal investigation interests you the most (i.e. research, evp specialites, film/photography, history, investigating, ect.):
Which descibes you:
Do you have experiance? If so what?
Equipment you have:
EMF Detector
Digital Voice Recorder
Digital Camera
Video Camera with Night Vision
IR (Infrared) Extender
Maglight Flashlight
Walkie Talkies
Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
Motion Sensors
Wireless Sound Recorder
DVR Night Vision Cameras
If you have any other equipment not listed above, please list it here:
If you do not have any equipment, are you willing to purchase any items that are needed for an investigation? (The items you purchase will be your personal property and you are responsible for them. A portion of your membership fees goes toward purchasing equipment for team use.)
Not Right Now
If you have a set schedule please write that below, otherwise, when are you unavailable? (We want to make sure that every investiator is included in meetings and investigations and we will do our best to work around your schedule.):
How many hours per month are you willing to volunteer?
How long do you see yourself being a member of the A.P.S. team?
Do you agree to pay membership fees associated with your membership?
Are you willing to attend at least 3 A.P.S. meetings per year?
Are you willing to allow us to publish a picture and an informative paragraph about you on the A.P.S. website?
Are you willing to undergo training of equipment and procedures so that you can become a better-equipped researcher?
Have you read and understand the terms of membership?
While representing A.P.S do you agree to always behave in a mature, responsible, and professional manner?
I Do Agree
I Do Not Agree
What religion are you? (We ask this so that we can be aware, also the founders of A.P.S. are Catholic and we say a prayer before every investigation, we do not want to offend any member.)
Tell us why you would like to join the A.P.S. team?
Have you had a personal paranormal experience? If so, please explain?
Please list any skills or knowledge that you have and believe may be an asset to the A.P.S. team:
Have you ever been on a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation before? If so, please tell us about it.
Do you watch any ghost hunting shows? If so, which ones?
What is your worst fear? (Just so we can get to know you a little better.)
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would make a good addition to the A.P.S. team.
Signature (By typing your full name here you are in agreement that every answer was accurate to your knowledge.)